Time to Manage Your Risk

Energy Risk Analysis

Hosted Risk Analytics for Energy Markets

RiskAPI is a programmable, hosted service delivered as a distributed API that allows participants on both the hedging & speculation side of energy markets to embed risk analytics within their existing operating frameworks.

Coverage of All Major Energy Markets

Futures, Options, Spreads, OTC, CME, ICE US, ICE Europe, DME, TOCOMM, EEX, and more.

Full access to all global energy contracts including: WTI, Brent, Dubai, Oman, US, UK, & Europe Natural Gas, Power and more.

All-In One: Data, Computing, and Analytics

Complete end-to-end solution including historical data, analytics, and computing infrastructure, all accessible via a dynamic API. Available Excel Add-In or Enterprise code-level API.

Sophisticated Statistical Analysis & Data

Continuous contract data, seasonality analysis and adjustments, data filtering, flexible import of custom data, and more.  


  • ▶ Multi-model Value at Risk (VaR)
  • ▶ Stress Testing
  • ▶ Options Analytics, Sensitivities, & Valuation
  • ▶ Exposure analysis
  • ▶ Matrix analysis and generation